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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeWed Feb 10, 2016 3:55 pm

The most boring part of Forums but please read before you begin posting. There really isn't much so don't worry and of course there should be some things that I don't need to say. Surely you all have enough common sense to not be an idiot.

Language: I realize it can be hard sometimes to not swear but this is on the internet and you are typing. Surely you would be thinking before typing. So please try to refrain from any inappropriate language such as swearing, offensive language, etc. Obviously don't be using any type of offensiveness such as being racist, sexist, etc. We all have our opinions about things but just don't forget other people have their beliefs besides yourself just remember that. Failure to comply may result in a ban or termination of account.

Power: Do not be constantly asking for a position as a moderator or for a specific rank. If I feel that you are up to the task I will seek you out. There will be certain ways that you can bring it to my attention about becoming a moderator such as an application that will have its own topic. If you have questions about it or need to find it that is totally fine to ask me about. Certain ranks will be given out to users due to their posts and activity. If you do become a moderator you will have to be fairly active. There will be separate rules for you.

Basic Rules: A few other basic rules that I will note are Necroposting, double posting, and spam. If you aren't sure what would be any of these and can't figure it out just ask me or someone else that might know. The only one you may not know is Necroposting and that is bringing back old posts that have served past their purpose. Do not bring anything back that is 6 months old unless it is on the most recent page of the forum.

Last of all I just want to say I hope all of you have fun and enjoy your time here!
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Forum Rules
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