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 Saiyan Beyond god and Potential Unleashed

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Saiyan Beyond god and Potential Unleashed Empty
PostSubject: Saiyan Beyond god and Potential Unleashed   Saiyan Beyond god and Potential Unleashed Icon_minitimeTue Jul 19, 2016 2:21 pm

So this is may be just a stupid though but what if Saiyan Beyond and Potential Unleashed are one in the same. Now obviously Goku's aura for Saiyan Beyond and Gohan's aura for Potential Unleashed have the same look to them, but there are more similarities to them then just that. The only transformation that can be accessed from Saiyan Beyond is Super Saiyan Blue, Goku has to use his normal base if he wants to you his other Super Saiyan forms. The same is similar to Gohan, he couldn't transform as a Super Saiyan on top of his Potential Unleashed, it was a separate power. So if Gohan re-grasps his Potential Unleashed maybe that's how he can become a Super Saiyan Blue, it would also give him the opportunity to be worth something in the series again. Goku and Vegeta also had learned Saiyan Beyond from Whis who is divine person just like Old Kai who gave Gohan his powers. It's just a little theory but could Saiyan Beyond and Potential Unleashed be one in the same?

Edit: If it is a "potential" kind of thing then it does fit in with my power levels. For this I use a x1,000 boost and for Gohan I use a x5,000 boost. It can work since Gohan has the greatest potential in the series.
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Saiyan Beyond god and Potential Unleashed
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