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 Dragon Ball TG

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball TG   Dragon Ball TG Icon_minitimeFri Aug 12, 2016 10:46 pm

Chapter 1: Kid Vegeta?
"Listen Vegeta, everyone is sick and tired of Goku not being back yet," Bulma yelled at Vegeta. "Chi Chi and I both know that you can sense where Goku is. So we won't wait any longer, you will go get him now!" "Don't order me around woman," Vegeta yelled back. Chi Chi, Bulma, and Vegeta were all in inside Bulma's house at Capsule Corporations. Goku had left 10 years ago to train with Uub. He said that he would come back and visit from time to time . . . but he did only once. It had been taking Goku much longer than what everyone one had thought and frankly everyone was tired of waiting. So Bulma and Chi Chi were taking everything out on Vegeta. "Fine," yelled Vegeta. "I'll go and find Kakarot! But I'm going to bring him back in bruises." "Please do," exclaimed Chi Chi and Bulma at the same time. Vegeta slammed the door open to outside and jumped up into the sky flying to where he could sense Goku and Uub's energy. "That direction? They must be training on Kami's Lookout. Kakarot you are a moron, why didn't you train him on the Supreme Kai's Planet or Lord Beerus's Planet?" Vegeta burst off towards Kami's Lookout to grab Goku.
Meanwhile at Kami's Lookout, Goku and Uub were training fiercely against one another underneath the surface of the lookout. But there seemed to be something else happening on Kami's Lookout, a trio of troublemakers were making their way up to the top. The whole Lookout shook as they struggled to climb up the side in their machines. "E-emperor Pilaf are you sure this is the best time to do this," asked the scared brunette Mia. "Shut up Mia," yelled Pilaf. "Don't you realize this is the best opportunity?!!? Mai never complained as much as you do, if only she didn't leave us for that underwear man!" "Actually his name is Trunks," replied Shu. "Quiet Shu," yelled Pilaf. The three of them barely made their way to the top of the Lookout and then quickly headed into the palace. They walked far behind the throne room until they came to an alter. "Hey Emperor the room stopped shaking," said Shu. "Yeah, yeah let's do this," said Pilaf as he walked up to the alter. He ripped a cloth that was on top of it and laying inside were 7 Dragon Balls with black stars. "Black Stars," asked Mia. "I don't understand what's going on here?" "Heh, these balls are much more powerful then the normal Dragon Balls," said Pilaf. "There is no limit to the wish, these were made when Kami and Piccolo were as one. The normal Dragon Balls disappeared when Piccolo and Kami refused, but them refusing actually re-activated these ones. Kami had originally created these for mayhem, of course he wasn't one hundred percent conscious." "Uh Emperor how do you know all of this," asked Shu. "Well," replied Pilaf. "By reading a lot of manga, guide books, and research. I'm quite the genius." "For some reason I feel like you made a lot of that up," Mia replied. "Urgh, enough chit chat," yelled Pilaf. Grab the Dragon Balls and let's head outside!"
Goku and Uub walked out of the palace both wearing their normal orange gi collapsing onto a seated postion. "Oh Goku, Uub are you two all right," asked Dende who ran up with Mr. Popo. "Yeah, we're fine," said Goku. "Just exhausted. Uub has finally learned all that I have to teach him. He's tough!" "Well I bet he's not as tough as me," announced Vegeta walking up to Goku and Uub. "Ah, hey Vegeta," exclaimed Vegeta. "Hey to yourself Kakarot. Your wife and mine are furious with you. They sent me after you to get you" "Ah crap I almost forgot I had an angry wife," exclaimed Goku. "ARISE SHENRON," yelled a voice on the other side of the Palace. "What was that," asked Goku. "That voice sounded familiar." "I don't know," Vegeta replied. "But let me go look, I need to punch something it's been a while." "Hehe, okay." Vegeta walked around to the other side of the palace and saw Pilaf, Shu, and Mia all around Dragon Balls. "Eh, what are you three doing here," Vegeta asked alarmed. "Ah, it's the underwear father," exclaimed Pilaf. "What did you call me," yelled Vegeta. Vegeta stomped over towards Pilaf and lifted him up by his collar. "Ah wait wait what are you doing," cried Pilaf. "Please put me down!" Vegeta threw him to the ground in disgust. "You're not worth my time," spat Vegeta. "Oh yeah," yelled Pilaf. "I used to be a world champion Martial Artist! Man I just wish you were a little kid so I could teach you a lesson. You're just too tall as you are." "YOUR WISH SHALL BE GRANTED!" "What was that," Vegeta asked. Suddenly Vegeta's body began to shrink into the size of a 12 year old boy. "Ah what the heck is this," Vegeta yelled. Goku, Dende, and Mr. Popo all ran around the cornor shocked to see a Kid Vegeta. "Hey, it's a tiny Vegeta," laughed Goku. "Shut your mouth Kakarot!" "YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED, I BID YOU FAREWELL!" The seven black star Dragon Balls then shot up into the sky leaving their sights. "Huh, well I'm glad it wasn't me," Goku said. "I'd probably have to end up fighting a Baby or something with that kind of size."

Chapter 2: A New Family
"Well great, my husband is a midget now," Bulma complained to Vegeta. Vegeta and Goku were both at Bulma's house at Capsule Corporations. There with them were Chi Chi, Pan, and Bra. "Shame on you Goku," Chi Chi said disappointed. "You should have prevented this from happening." "It's not my fault Vegeta was so careless," Goku replied. "Shut up Kakarot," Vegeta said. "Hehe," laughed Goku has he patted Vegeta on the head. "You're squeaky voice is so cute!" "Kakarot I'll kill you!" "Both of you knock it off," yelled Bulma and Chi Chi. "Listen up Vegeta," Bulma began. "King Kai said that those Dragon Balls are scattered all across the universe and that the Earth will blow up in a YEAR if they are not returned by then! So you Goku, Trunks, and Goten are all going to head straight into space and go find them!" "Why don't you come along Bulma," Goku asked. "You usually like to go looking for the Dragon Balls." "Ugh, Goku in case you hadn't noticed I'm an old woman now. Oh, yeah I guess you are. Hey maybe you and Roshi could hit it up now! I mean you have to have as many wrinkles as him by now!" Bulma swiped her hand back and slapped Goku across the face. "I LOOK PRETTY GOOD FOR MY AGE!" "Be nice Goku," Chi Chi said leaning down to Goku was sitting on the ground rubbing his face. "Not everyone can look as pretty as me in old age." "What was that," Bulma growled. "Enough of this," Vegeta announced. "I'm not wasting anymore time sitting around. Bulma you go finish things up with the spaceship, call up that nerd Gohan and get it going. I'll drag Goten and Trunks here." "You might look kind of odd doing that," Goku said. "After all, you're just a little kid now." "What's that supposed to mean? Well, whatever you go get them then!" "Hey grandpa," said Pan. "Can I come to space too?!?" "Huh? Oh, yeah sure I don't care." "No, no you may not," yelled Chi Chi butting in. "You're just a little girl. You're not going anywhere." "Well I'm going to go get Goten and Trunks," Goku said transporting off.
"Ah so Goten is still living at home, what a good boy," Goku said. "Uh wait a second." He looked at his house then saw Gohan's to the left of his which he was used to. But to the right of his house was another. "Who's house is that?!!? Wait why didn't I go directly to Goten? He must have just left this area." "Hello can I help you," asked a woman walking out of the new house. It was a young woman who was in her late twenties with long light brown hair. "Uh who are you," Goku asked. She walked out and stopped in front of Goku. "You look just like him," she said. "Are you Goten's father Goku?" "Uh yes, that's correct. But who are you?" "Um, I'm Goten's wife Ha Ha." "Oh Goten's wife! . . . wait Goten's wife?!!? What in the great Other World did Goten get married?!!?" "Five years ago . . . you actually were invited to the wedding. Goten had told you several times. I believe he even tried telling you that we have a son as well." "I have a grandson?" "Yes, would you like to meet him?" "Yeah!" Ha Ha led Goku into her house and they walked up to a baby cradle. "Little Gomen is a 1 year old baby." "Gomen . . . what a perfect name." Goku smiled down at that the baby remembering the moment when he first saw Gohan. "Where is Goten now," Goku asked. "I actually came to take him on a journey into space." "Oh, well Goten is actually out training right now. You should be able to use that Instant Transmission thing that you taught him. Oh yeah, thanks! It was really nice meeting you Ha Ha." Goku walked out of the house waving goodbye. Ha Ha sighed, "He really doesn't remember me."
"All right there's Goten's energy," Goku said transporting towards Goten's ki. "Hey Goten," Goku yelled as Goten was flying in the air with heavy under weights on punching and kicking. "What, dad," exclaimed Goten. Goten flew down to his father and stood in front of him. "Are you finally done training?" "Yeah and I just met your wife and son! Gomen is a great name!" "Thanks dad, are you here to visit?" "Well sort of, tomorrow we're all leaving to go travel around the universe actually." "What are you talking about?" "Well you see, the thing is that Vegeta screwed up big time. . ." Goku then told Goten everything that had happened with the Black Star Dragon Balls and Vegeta turning into a kid. Of course he made everything sound like it was Vegeta's fault. "Well all right dad," said Goten. "If you really need me to come, then I'll come. It'll be interesting to fight with Trunks again!" "Wow Goten I'm impressed. Not only are you training on your own but you also want to help out. You definitely are no slacker anymore." "Well I've grown up dad, after all it has been 10 years." "Has it really been that long? I thought it was only a couple." "Uh let's just go dad." "Yeah, okay. You can go get ready and meet us at Capsule Corporations tomorrow at 10:00 AM. I'm going to go get Trunks next." "Sounds good, I'll see you tomorrow then." "See you then," said Goku transporting off.

Chapter 3: An Unexpected Trio
"Huh I'm back at Capsule Corporations," Goku said to himself. He was at the front desk and he looked to his left seeing Trunks and Mai. "Ah bwa Trunks!" Trunks turned his head towards Goku. "Gah, Goku! You're back?" "Yeah! How've you been?" "Uh I've been fine. Mai and I just returned from vacation." "Vacation?" Goku walked up to them and stared at them closely. "Trunks, did you get married too?" "Uhh yeah. By too I'm assuming you mean you just talked to Goten?" "Heh, that's right," said Goku standing up straight. "Hey Goku," said Trunks. "My mom called me and told me about the Black Star Dragon Balls and about Vegeta's shrinkage to a child." "Well I guess that saves me the trouble of having to explain things to you." "Yeah, well I have to go help my mother and Gohan to get things ready for our takeoff. I'll see you in the morning Goku." "Right I'll see you then Trunks." Goku made his way to the room he was staying in at Capsule Corporations and took a seat closing his eyes. "This is kind of excited," he said aloud. "A brand new adventure."
Morning had broke at the time had finally made it to 10:00 AM. All of the heroes were there ready for the mission in space. Goku, Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks were all ready. "Hey everybody," said Gohan walking up behind the four of them with Pan and Bra behind him. "We're almost ready for take off. We just need to wait for Bulma, I haven't been able to find her actually." "Bulma's missing," asked Vegeta. "Yeah," Gohan replied. "But you four can go ahead and get in the spaceship now and get ready." "All right," said Vegeta. "Wait, I'm going to go look for her," said Goku. "Yeah," said Trunks. "I'll give you a hand Goku." "Sounds good." "Well Goten and I will be waiting in the ship," said Vegeta. "Right Goten replied. Goten and Vegeta climbed up into the octopus looking ship and put their baggage away. "That's weird," said Goten as he closed the baggage storage. "There's clothing in there for more than just us. Most of the people we know, Bulma really thinks ahead for any kind of an emergency." "Well, it better not weigh us down," Vegeta muttered.
Outside of the ship Gohan, Bra, and Pan patiently waited for Goku, Trunks, and Bulma. "Oh i almost forgot," exclaimed Gohan. "I needed to give them the Dragon Ball Radar." Gohan pulled the Dragon Ball Radar out of his pocket and handed it to Bra. "Can you run into the ship real quick and give this to your father. I have to go check one more thing before launch off." "Yeah," Bra replied. "Thanks," Gohan said. "Pan come with me." Bra climbed up the ladder and walked into the ship and made her way into the control room where Goten and Vegeta were waiting. "Huh what is it Bra," asked Vegeta. "Gohan wanted me to give you the Dragon Ball Radar." Vegeta took it from her and set it on the dashboard of the spaceship. "That would have been if we forgot that," said Goten. "Wow this window is really cool," said Bra excitingly running towards the window. But as she did she tripped and fell on to the control panel. "Ahh no not that button," Vegeta exclaimed as he threw Bra off of the control panel. "What's the matter," exclaimed. "She didn't push the launch button did she?" "I'm afraid so," Vegeta said as the door to the outside closed and the spaceship geared up. "There's no stopping it, everyone strap in!" The three of them strapped themselves tight and the spaceship blasted off into the air. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," Bra cried over and over as the ship entered the atmosphere. The spaceship had eventually stopped it's struggle with gravity and made it out into the open space. "Do we need to go back," Goten asked. "We could really use Goku and Trunks with us." "There isn't enough time," Vegeta spat. "In case you forgot we have 1 year, it's Bulma's fault for not showing up right away. We're heading towards the nearest Dragon Ball now!" "Uh Vegeta, do you even know how to fly a spaceship." "Goten unstrap your belt." "What, why?" "Just do what I say!" Goten unstrapped his seatbelt waiting for Vegeta's next orders. Vegeta pushed a couple buttons and pulled a lever and the ship launched forwards slamming Goten back into the wall. "Ah what the heck Vegeta?!" "Heh, that's what you get for defying me!" The ship continued at it's speed but the gravity within kept Goten down on the ground. "All right there's our first planet," said Vegeta pointing at a small orange planet. "Huh, wow already," said Goten. "Well let's do this!"

Chapter 4: Planet Vulcan
"All right prepare yourselves for landing," said Vegeta. He targeting the spaceship down and bolted straight towards the planet. The spaceship zoomed down towards the planet and gradually got slower and slower. Vegeta guided the ship across the land until the ship was slow enough to where he could gently land it. "Wow Vegeta," said Goten when he landed the ship. "You're not bad." "Hmph!" "Looks like this is a desert planet," said Bra. "Looks that way," Goten replied. "All right Vegeta where does the Dragon Ball Radar point?" Vegeta took out the Dragon Ball Radar and pointed to his left. "About 5 miles that way." "Wow, that's really close." "Hey Bra can you fly?" "Of course I can," she replied. "I had daddy teach me so it was easier to fly to go shopping." "Yeah and I thought she wanted to train for strength," Vegeta said embarrassingly. "Well whatever, let's go," Goten announced getting out of the ship. Bra and Vegeta followed him outside into the hot air. "It's so hottttt," complained Bra. "Suck it up," Vegeta said flying into the sky. "Hope you can fly fast," Goten said flying up. "Probably faster than you," she said flying up and bolting off east. "Wow she's actually pretty darn fast," Goten said. "Evidently," Vegeta replied. Vegeta and Goten then zoomed off after her towards the Dragon Ball.
The three of them had landed in a town that had bazaar's at every side of the street. "Look at all of the people," said Goten. "Eek, shopping," said Bra excitingly throwing her hands together. She was running towards the bazaar and was stopped by Vegeta who grabbed her by her shirt. "We don't have time for that," he said. "We have to find the Dragon Ball." "Ahh HELP ME," yelled a girl. "What was that," Goten excalimed running towards the scream. He stopped and looked to his left and saw a group of men beating on a young lady. "Get your hands off of her," yelled Goten charging them. "Huh, you wanna die punk," asked one of them as they turned to look at him. "Hyaaahh!" Goten jumped forwards slamming his fist into his jaw. "Uh what," yelled another one throwing his punch at Goten. Goten grabbed his fist and punched him in the ribs knocking him down. "And now for you two!" Goten pulled his fist back and launched it forward creating a force of wind that slammed them back into the wall. "Heheh! That was easy." "Oh thank you so much," the girl cried running towards Goten hugging him. "Goten did you forget you were married," Bra asked who showed up behind them with Vegeta. "It's not what it looks like," Goten exclaimed. "How can I ever repay you," the girl asked. "Well, do you know a place where we can stay? Like a hotel or something?" "I'm afraid there isn't anything like that on Planet Vulcan." "No hot bath," cried Bra. "But you three can stay with me and my father," she said. "Wow really," Goten exclaimed. "What's your named?" "Pandrosus. Now come with me to my home, it's dangerous out here." "Right, let's go."
Pandrosus had led Goten, Vegeta, and Bra to her house which was small but cozy. "This is my father," she said pointing to a man who rolled out in a wheel chair. "I am Cecrops," he said. "Nice to meet you sir," said Goten. Pandrosus explained to her father what Goten had done in saving her and about his unusual strength. "I think they should take part in the King's Tournament," said Pandrosus. "King's Tournament," asked Goten. "Like a Martial Arts Tournament?" "That's right. Every 10 years a new king is determined by the King's Tournament. My father was the king before the previous king but in the last tournament he was cheated out of his victory and ended up in this crippled state for years. He is dated to be able to walk in a couple of weeks . . . but the tournament starts tomorrow. The planet of Vulcan has been going downhill ever since the new king ascended the throne. If he or his men win the tournament again I don't know how we'll survive. Could you win the tournament for us and let my father become king? The winner can appoint any king they desire." "We don't have time for that," said Vegeta. "We came here for a Dragon Ball and we only have 1 year to gather all 7 of them or our planet will be destroyed." "But Vegeta we can't just turn our back on these people," Goten said. "They need our help." "What's a Dragon Ball," Pandrosus asked. "It's an orange ball with stars on it," said Bra. "Orange ball with stars," echoed Pandrosus. She walked over to her table and held up a flier. "This is a flier for the King's Tournament, they call this orb here the Star Orb. Is this your Dragon Ball?" The three of them looked closely at the flier and saw the orange ball with 4 black stars on it. "Heh, that's our Dragon Ball all right," said Goten. "See that Vegeta, we have to win the tournament so we can get the Dragon Ball." "Then so be it," Vegeta replied. "All right then," Goten began. "Sign Goten and Vegeta up!"

Chapter 5: The King's Tournament Begins!!!
"Ladies and gentlemen we have a big show for you today," yelled the Vulcan Announcer for the King's Tournament. He stood up on the battle arena and in front of him stood hundreds of vulcans screaming and cheering. In the front waiting to watch their friends were Bra, Pandrosus, and Cecrops. Up on a higher level the current king sat in his throne smiling down below. "Now come on out our eight finalists!!!" Eight fighters walked out onto the arena and stood in front of the crowd. Among them were Vegeta and Goten anxiously awaiting their turn to fight. "These eight fighters will fight in a one on one single elimination tournament! The winner will have authority of choosing the next king of Vulcan and receive the Star Orb! Now let's let the tournament begin! Our first fight is Goten vs Slame!" All of the other fighters left the stage except Goten and Slame. Slame was a couple feet taller than Goten and wore white karate like gi. The announcer jumped off of the stage and readied himself to start the battle. "Good luck," Goten said bowing down. "Heh, you're the one that needs it," said Slame preparing a defensive stance. "Heh, we'll see about that," Goten said entering an offensive stance. "LET THE MATCH BEGINN!!!" "Hyaaah!" Goten charged forward first slamming his fist forwards towards Slame's face. "Predictable!" Slame quickly brushed his head off to the right and then kneed Goten in the chest knocking him back. "How did he," exclaimed Goten. Slame quickly flashed Goten in the face with his fist and then kicked him up into the air. Goten stopped himself in the air and flew down landing in front of Slame.
"How in the world did you do that to me," Goten asked. "Heh, because I know what you are," he replied. "Saiyan." "What, how did you know?" "The King makes sure that his pupils study every kind of race and their fighting potential. That includes warrior races that were thought to be extinct like the saiyans. But it seems that your kind isn't." "That's right, but how much do you really know about the saiyans? I can't imagine you know all of our strengths." "Then why don't you go all out and prove me wrong." "I won't, I'll use only a small percentage of my power to destroy you." "Ha! I doubt you have too much power hidden from me, I'm only using around 20% of my Full Power!" "20%? Hahaha! Oh man, that's really funny! Maybe you'd have me scared if you were using one trillionth of your strength. But 20%, you're a weakling." "Watch your mouth punk! My power is incredible compared to yours. Here's 100% of it right now then!" Slame flashed a large white aura and he flew towards me slamming his fist forward. Goten transformed into a Super Saiyan and threw his hand up catching his fist. "W-what," exclaimed Slame. "You're power has nearly gone up half a dozen?!!?" "I told you I wasn't bluffing," Goten yelled grabbing Slame's arm and throwing him out of the ring. "Ring out," yelled the Announcer. "The winner of the first match is Goten!!!" The crowd cheered for Goten. "Next time take him out sooner yelled," Bra. "Sheesh, can't ever be happy," said Goten. He walked off of the arena and into the waiting area for the fighters. "Hey Vegeta you're in the third match right," Goten asked. "Good luck." "Hmph," said Vegeta. "I'll take my opponent out faster than you!" "Heh, well you do like to get the job down right off the bat."

Chapter 6: Goten vs Vegeta
"And now for our third match, Vegeta vs Purn! Let the match begin!!!" "You must be one of those saiyan freaks," said Purn. "And you must be one of those King's losers," Vegeta replied. "In that case there's no point in holding back." Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan and bolted towards Purn driving his fist into Purn's stomach. Purn fell down unconscious not moving at all. "Pathetic," Vegeta spat. "And the winner is Vegeta by knockout!" Vegeta walked quitely out of the arena and looked up at Goten. "Looks like you're still weaker than me." "What?!!? You didn't prove you were stronger than me! I'll beat my opponent faster in the semi-finals, you'll see!" "And wow another fast match," the announcer yelled. "The winner of the fourth match is Glaze! Let's get our first semi-finalists up here now! Goten and Green!" Goten and Green walked out on to the arena and stood in front of each other. "Gotta take him out fast, gotta take him out fast," Goten repeated in his head over and over again. "BEGIN!" Goten quickly launched his fist forwards creating a force of wind that slammed his opponent through the air and knocked him out of the ring. "Incredible," yelled the announcer. A new record has been set by Goten!!! 3.42 seconds is the fastest match yet to date! Let's give it up for the winner of this round Goten!!!" The crowd cheered for Goten as he pumped his arm in the air. "Haha let's see how you top that Vegeta," Goten said to him as he passed by him. "Pfft, it'll be easy."
"Now for our second and final semi-final match, Vegeta vs Glaze, begin!" Quickly Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan firing a ki blast towards Glaze shooting him fast out of the ring. "Heh," laughed Vegeta as he reverted to his base form. "Looks like I beat your time Goten." "Innnnnncredible! Vegeta has even broke Goten's record by ending the fight at 2.80 seconds! A brand new record!!!" "Come out here and face defeat," Vegeta hollered to Goten. Goten stepped up onto the arena and transformed into a Super Saiyan. "Well ladies and gentlemen it seems these two fighters are ready to go at each other. So without any further delay let the final match of the tournament begin!" Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan and two saiyans flew towards each other beginning their battle. They flew up into the sky attacking each other shaking the planet and creating loud shots of noise like canons. "W-why this is the most incredible fight I have ever seen," exclaimed the Announcer. The two saiyans stopped attacking and floated in front of each other. "Hehe, let's give them some fireworks to look at," said Goten. "KAAAA-MEEEE!!!" "If you insist!" Vegeta placed his hands back preparing his Galick Gun. "HAAAA-MEEE!!!" "GALICK GUN!!!!" "HYAAAAHHHH!!!!!" The two blasts collided into each other pushing each other back and forth. "Urghhh, I doubt I can beat Vegeta," Goten said. "Even if he is a kid. Huh, wait I got it! SUPER KAIOKEN!" "Kaioken," exclaimed Vegeta. "Darn it!" Goten's aura grew from a gold aura to a red aura and a second wave shot through Goten's Kamehameha putting more pressure on Vegeta's Galick Gun. "Gah, no it's not enough," yelled Goten. Goten reverted to his base form and flew down getting nicked by Vegeta's Galick Gun. Goten crashed into the arena cratering the ground. Vegeta flew down standing over the hole. Goten pushed himself up to his feet and jumped out standing on the opposite side of the hole as Vegeta. "You thought you could use Kaioken with a Super Saiyan," Vegeta asked. "Bah, there isn't the proper amount of ki control in that transformation." "I know. I just thought it would give me the boost I needed to defeat you, but I underestimated you." "Well let's finish this Kakarot." "Huh, Kakarot. Heh, I'm Goten don't forget that Vegeta." Goten burst into a Super Saiyan and the two flew towards each other throwing their fists forward. Vegeta dodged Goten's fist and slammed his fist into Goten's face sending him through the air and landing outside of the ring reverting to his base form. "And the winner of the King's Tournament is Vegeta," yelled the announcer.
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