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 Dragon Ball Z: 4th Timeline

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z: 4th Timeline   Dragon Ball Z: 4th Timeline Icon_minitimeSat Dec 24, 2016 11:34 pm

Chapter 1: Piccolo vs Android 17
Goku was currently recovering from his heart virus at Kame house while Androids 17 and 18 were on an island fighting against Piccolo who had recently fused with Kami. Piccolo was currently fighting against #17 and was beginning to pull ahead of him slightly, but it was hard to tell who would win with #17 having an unlimited amount of energy. Krillin was on his way to Bulma to receive the deactivating device to turn off the Androids. Yamcha, Tien, and Gohan beside Master Roshi stayed on the island observing Piccolo's energy anxiously waiting for an outcome. Future Trunks stood patiently behind his father who was thinking of a way to surpass the Androids.
Piccolo and #17 flew down into the grass staring each other down while #18 and #16 watched. "You're pretty good," #17 replied. "How did you get to be so powerful? The other day we beat you down effortlessly, now I'm having trouble keeping up." "I just did what needed to be done." "Listen, I'm enjoying this fight and all, but all we want to do is kill Goku. We have no desire to kill you or anyone else." "And there's your problem. I won't just stand idly by while you kill Goku." "I see." "You killed Gero, right? So why are you following through with his orders?" "It's not for me, it's for that big guy over there, #16." "Goku must be killed," said #16. "There's no way around it." "Listen, I can't allow you to kill Goku," Piccolo snapped. "Do you even know why Gero wanted Goku dead, do you even care?!" "No I do not." A bird flew onto #16's shoulder and he smiled. "You like the birds don't you," Piccolo asked. "You enjoy nature?" "Yes, I do." "Without Goku, none of this would exist. He has saved this planet countless times, without him you wouldn't exist. Gero created the three of you because Goku defeated the Red Ribbon Army. He knew Goku would rise to be an even more powerful fighter as he grew up. That's why he created you, to destroy him for that reason." #16 stared at the ground for a long time then looked up at #17 and #18. "He's right, but I don't think I can stop myself. Gero specifically designed me to kill Goku, no matter what I can't do anything else. But perhaps, I can kill myself." "No #16," yelled #18. #16 began focusing on the trigger for the bomb on his body to explode. "Run," Piccolo yelled. #18, #17, and Piccolo all flew away from #16 as he suddenly exploded. "#16," yelled #17. #17 and #18 flew down to #16's remains. Piccolo flew off back to Kame house.

Chapter 2: Hyperbolic Time Chamber
"So they're cool now," Krillin asked. "I think so," replied Piccolo. "I'm going to return to lookout now and keep an eye on them from there, but I'm sure they won't act up now that they no longer want to kill Goku." "Heh, well that's a relief," said a voice. Everyone looked to the steps and saw Goku standing there with a big grin on his face. "What's going on guys? You all look like I was dead or something." "Goku," everyone yelled. "Piccolo, I'll take you to Kami's Lookout. The Androids may not be deadly anymore, but I'm still going to train! Ready Gohan?" "Oh no you don't Goku," Chi Chi said. "There's no reason to bring Gohan." "Just one day, please?" "One day? You promise?" "Yeah!" "All right fine." "Piccolo, Gohan, put your hands on my shoulder." They put their hands on Goku's shoulder and they transported to a rocky area behind Future Trunks and Vegeta. "Huh, Goku," said Future Trunks spinning around. "Hey," Goku replied. "Vegeta's sensed it to I see, achieving the next level. We're no longer pressed for time, but still I'm anxious to get to the next level fast." "What do you mean Kakarot," asked Vegeta turning his head. "I mean there's a place where we train for a whole year inside, but the equivalence to the outside is one day." "What," exclaimed Vegeta. "Take me there immediately!" "Sure, just place your hand on my shoulder." Goku then transported everyone to Kami's Lookout.
There Goku and Mr. Popo explained the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Gohan. While Vegeta and Future Trunks trained inside Goku explained to Chi Chi that he was going to train Gohan tomorrow instead of today. Then Goku had gone to new Planet Namek and brought back Dende, who would be the new guardian of Earth. Then Gohan and Goku took their turns and dazzled everybody with retaining their Super Saiyan states as their base forms. "Super Saiyan as base form," asked Piccolo. "Haha, yeah," laughed Goku. "In fact I forgot we were still in the state. We'll turn it off, but first I want to see how far Vegeta has come!" "Not a problem Kakarot, I'l gladly take you on." "Huh, where's Trunks?" "He took a trip back to the Future," replied Piccolo. "He's going to finish off the Androids then return." "Ah, well let's go Vegeta." Goku and Vegeta then burst off of Kami's Lookout to their battle destination.

Chapter 3: Goku's Power
"So, the same place that we fought last time, eh Vegeta?" "That's right Kakarot," said Vegeta bursting into a Super Saiyan. "And why don't we cut straight to the rat killing? Full Power!" Vegeta then pushed himself to the Second Grade. "Ascended, eh Vegeta? Well, I won't move my power anymore than it already is." "What?!" "Well, I should warn you, but I'm much stronger than you." "You jest! Show me your full power!" "Well, you asked for it! Hyaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!" "W-what is this," Vegeta exclaimed. "I thought you were trying to advance to the next level, but instead you've made your Super Saiyan power much stronger." "There were too many weaknesses by pushing to new levels. So, instead I tried to retain my Super Saiyan as my base form and with that I could raise my power doubled of what it should be." Vegeta reverted to base form and fell onto his knees. "I-Impossible. Kakarot is always one step ahead of me, but this time it feels like he's three steps ahead of me." "Don't worry Vegeta, just do what I do and you'll make it there." Goku then transported away leaving Vegeta alone to himself. "Darn it! I will surpass Kakarot! I'll just have to enter the chamber again. I hate to admit he's right, but I have no other choice to reach greater heights.

Chapter 4: 9 Years Later
So Vegeta then entered the chamber twice more, but didn't challenge Kakarot. Instead Goku and Vegeta began being involved in their own families at their own homes. Goku and Chi Chi had a new son who they named Goten and Goku secretly promised that he would train Goten so that he could be the hero of Earth some day. Sure enough Goku was able to train Goten who took on even Goku's hairstyle. Chi Chi felt like it wouldn't be right if Goten hadn't trained, she had a different attitude then the one she had at Gohan growing up, but she had never seen Goku so happy. 9 years total had passed now and Gohan had enetered High School and met a girl named Videl who forced him to compete in the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament and to teach her how to fly. She met Goku and Goten and were amazed by their strength who would also compete in the tournament. Vegeta and Trunks would also be taking part.
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Dragon Ball Z: 4th Timeline
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