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 Dragon Ball Super Timeline

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Dragon Ball Super Timeline Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Ball Super Timeline   Dragon Ball Super Timeline Icon_minitimeFri Mar 03, 2017 5:55 pm

Age 774, May 8- End of Buu Arc
Age 775, May 17- Beerus awakens and fights Super Saiyan Red Goku
Age 775, June 19- Goku and Vegeta go to train with Whis
Age 775, July 21- Frieza is resurrected
Age 776, July 22- Goku and Vegeta vs Frieza
Age 776, August 21- Universe 6 and 7 Tournament
Age 776, August 21- Yamcha meets Midrai
Age 776, September 23- Yamcha fights Vegeta and Goku
Age 777, May 10- Future Trunks comes to the past, Goku and Vegeta go to the future to fight Black Goku and Zamasu
Age 778, May 1- Universe 7 and 9 Exhibition Match
Age 778, June 1- Tournament of Power
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Dragon Ball Super Timeline
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