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 Dragon Ball: The Beginning of Yamcha

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Dragon Ball: The Beginning of Yamcha Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Ball: The Beginning of Yamcha   Dragon Ball: The Beginning of Yamcha Icon_minitimeFri Jun 09, 2017 11:13 pm

Chapter 1: Lord Yamcha the Desert Bandit (Age 745)
"And there we have hit folks! Master Gohan has won yet again another World Martial Arts Tournament! No one can beat this man, he truly is this world's mightiest warrior!" a young boy of 14 years old named Yamcha watched in admiration as he saw this man named Gohan on TV winning another tournament. He himself had always hoped that one day that he could compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament.
"Next tournament," Yamcha said. "In five years at the next World Martial Arts Tournament, I'll definitely compete! My skills and techniques are completely my own, no one will ever be able to beat me. Well, that is after I've completed my training." Yamcha was a skilled martial artist and swordsmen, he was a bandit of the Diablo Desert. Even though he was young, he was feared by many. Even other bandits shake in fear if they hear the name, Lord Yamcha. No one knew how Yamcha came to be, he was born in the desert and raised himself. Some say he was raised by wolves and there were even rumors that he was part wolf himself. Of course, these were only rumors. Yamcha strapped his sword to his waist and exited outside into the hot air. Up ahead he peered over seeing dust crossing the sands. "Tsk, people never learn do they?" Yamcha mounted onto his Jet Squirrel and headed towards the dust. As Yamcha drew closer he saw it was someone driving a large gray bus. Flying in front of the bus he caused them to swerve to the right and stop.
"Hey, what the heck is your problem?!" asked a man who stepped out of the bus.
"This is my land you're trespassing upon," Yamcha yelled. "Hand over all your capsules or die, it's your choice."
"W-what? You're insane." At that response Yamcha unsheathed his sword pointing it at him.
"I won't say it again old man, this is your last chance."
"Erk, all right . . . fine. Just let me go grab them." The man went back into the bus rummaging around inside. Shortly afterwards he shot out of the bus with a shotgun. "Take this you piece of trash!"
"Huh?!" The man shot off a bullet slamming it into Yamcha's forehead knocking him backwards onto the ground.
"Heh, serves you right you piece of trash . . . looks like I took down the great Yamcha!"
"So you knew who I was?" Yamcha said pushing himself up wiping his forehead, only a bruise was left over from the bullet."
"W-WHAT?! How in the world did you survive that?!"
"My training has made my body as hard as steel! Something like that is nothing! Now, taste my Wolf Fang Fist!" Yamcha positioned himself for his attack and charged forward attacking with his Wolf Fang Fist. With a final blow Yamcha slit the man's throat with his sword. "I recognized you as well. You're one of the Badger Bandits." Yamcha pulled himself into the bus and saw someone in the back tied up in rope with a black hood on their head. Yamcha walked over and took the hood off of their head. "Hey are you-" Yamcha stopped talking as soon as he realized that the person was beautiful young woman. His body froze and he fell to the ground unconscious. Yamcha's greatest weakness was women, he couldn't stand even having them look at him.

Chapter 2: Yamcha's New Partner (Age 747)
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Dragon Ball: The Beginning of Yamcha
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