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 Attack on Titan Live/Death Predictions (Major Spoilers)

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PostSubject: Attack on Titan Live/Death Predictions (Major Spoilers)   Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:45 am

A list of mostly major characters in the series for predictions on who will live and who will die. There were some characters that I left out, mostly because they have a small part in the series or if they live or die it won't really impact the series too much.

Eren Yeager- Live (Curse probably is fake)
Mikasa Ackerman- Live
Armin Alert- Live (Same as Eren)
Reiner Braun- Die or Live (Will probably pass on the Armored Titan or same as Eren)
Annie Leonhart- Die (Be eaten by a Scouts member to pass on the Female Titan)
Historia Reiss- Live
Connie Springer- Live
Sasha Blouse- Live
Jean Kirstein- Live
Levi Ackerman- Live
Hange Zoe- Live (Probably would have died by now if they were going to kill her off)
Floch- Die (Eaten by a titan, he's served his purpose)
Dot Pixis- Live (Too far away from action)
Rico Brzenska- Live (Same as Pixis)
Kitz Willman- Live (Same as Pixis)
Nile Dok- Live
Darius Zackly- Die (Too unlikable not to)
Zeke Yeager- Die (Killed by Levi or Eren)
Porco Galliard- Die (Killed by a Scouts member)
Pieck- Die (Killed by a Scouts member)
Falco Grice- Live (May inherit the Armored Titan)
Colt Grice- Die
Gabi- Live
Udo- Die
Zofia- Die
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Attack on Titan Live/Death Predictions (Major Spoilers)
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