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 DBZ Weights

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PostSubject: DBZ Weights   Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:28 pm

Gravity Room weight equivalent
10x Gravity=150 Pounds/0.075 Tons
20x Gravity=300 Pounds/0.15 Tons
30x Gravity=450 Pounds/0.225 Tons
33.3x Gravity=500 Pounds/0.25 Tons
100x Gravity=1,500 Pounds/0.75 Tons
150x Gravity=1,750 Pounds/0.875 Tons
300x Gravity=3,500 Pounds/1.75 Tons
400x Gravity=6,000 Pounds/3 Tons
533.3x Gravity=8,000 Pounds/4 Tons
800x Gravity=12,000 Pounds/6 Tons
933.3x=14,000 Pounds/8 Tons
5,333x Gravity=16,000 Pounds/8 Tons

Goku training with weights in Other World
Base Form: 8 Tons should be equivalent to over 900x Gravity
Super Saiyan Form: 40 Tons would be equivalent to over 5,000x Gravity
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DBZ Weights
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