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 Dragon Ball Super: The Super Human (Newly Revised Version)

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Super: The Super Human (Newly Revised Version)   Dragon Ball Super: The Super Human (Newly Revised Version) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 05, 2017 11:27 pm

Chapter 1: Midrai
"I can't even follow what's going on any more," exclaimed Tien Shinhan as he watched in awe as Super Saiyan Goku and Hit were exchanging blows in the battle arena. He turned his head to his left to see Yamcha had disappeared. "Huh, Yamcha?" Without telling anyone, Yamcha had left the bleachers to go to the food vendors. He walked up to a blue tent and a purple alien who was selling hot dogs.
"Hey, could you tell me where the bathroom is?" Yamcha asked.
"There's an outhouse right there," said the vendor pointing to Yamcha's right.
"Oh, thanks," Yamcha replied walking towards it. He stopped in front of the blue outhouse and looked at the handle. Beside it, it read in red: Occupied.
"Great," he complained. Yamcha turned back to the fighting arena and continued watching Goku's fight. Goku had suddenly transformed into a Super Saiyan god. “What?! Goku can use that Super Saiyan Red thing at free will? . . . Man watching Goku like this really takes me back to the first time we met. Ha, to think I was once stronger than him. Man, I really wish I could have become as strong as Goku has."
"Do you really?" asked a voice.
"Huh?" Yamcha flipped around and looked for the voice, but there was no one there. "I guess . . . that was just my imagination."
"Not quite." The strange voice had spoken yet again. "I'm speaking within your mind. I have in fact already invaded your body."
"Y-you what?!"
"Don't worry, I'm only going to help you. But in return you must help me."
"What do you want?"
"I am Midrai. I am the last of my kind, the Green Thunder. I believe my race is completely extinct in Universe 7, I am from Universe 6. I have been looking for a strong enough host to reside in, I can enhance your abilities and strengths dramatically. I can even bring you to the point where you can possess god ki like the saiyan Goku you see before you. Allow me to train you and I will make you the strongest in all 12 universes!"
"I can become the strongest . . . again? But wait, I'm not as young as I once was."
"That doesn't matter. Not only will you harness god ki, but you will also be able to benefit from all of the other benefits of a god like immortality. You shall be the first human god ever!"
"How do I know I can trust you?"
"Because I am already inside you. I don't have to ask for your permission, I could take control of you with ease. But I would much rather work with you, I don't have any impure motives. You will be in complete control, I suppose you could compare this to the fusion Piccolo performed with Nail and Kami."
"Wait . . . how do you know about that?"
"I've been watching your whole planet for years, your potential has intrigued me the most. Now will you except my offer into power? You can help your friends once and for all. You won't even have to worry about Beerus the Destroyer! So what say you? Do you accept?" Yamcha stood there sweating bullets. This was his chance to finally become an asset once again.
"I accept your proposal," said Yamcha. "I'll gain the power no human ever will be able to!"
Chapter 2: Endure the Pain!
Everyone had finally made it back to Earth and Yamcha was prepared to go off and train with Midrai.
"Hey Yamcha where are ya going?" Goku asked as Yamcha was heading up into the sky.
"Uh, I'm going to go train," he replied shyly scratching his head.
"Whaaattt??!?," everyone yelled shocked, staring at Yamcha with their eyes wide open.
"Since when did you actually go out and train?" asked Krillin.
"It is odd," Tien replied. "I didn't even have you fight with Frieza's soldiers."
"Well in my defense you wouldn’t let me, you knocked me out cold," replied Yamcha. "Anyways I'm tired of being left in the dust behind the saiyans and Piccolo. You'll see, I'll become far more powerful!" Yamcha turned away and flew off leaving his friends behind.
"That's weird," said Goku. "I wonder if Yamcha could grow strong enough to compete with me?"
"Don't be a moron Kakarot," replied Vegeta. "What can a mere earthling do against a saiyan warrior? He has never been able to compete with us and he never will be. To add on to that he's far weaker than the other humans."
"Well, can we eat now?"
"You just stuffed your face on the way here!!!"
Yamcha flew down to a rocky area, landing softly on the Earth. He took his outer clothes off and was now in his old orange and blue turtle hermit gi.
"All right Midrai, what do we do first to gain this power?" Green electricity shocked out of my chest and it formed a being that looked identical to me, but made out of the green electricity. "W-what is this?"
"I need to take on a human form to be able to do this," he replied. "My true form was that green electricity you just saw. The first part of this training will be you enduring a Kamehameha from me."
"You know the Kamehameha wave?"
"Yes, I possess all of your techniques now. You must endure this Kamehameha, like I said, it has all the power within it that will make you a far stronger being. Are you ready? You will suffer extreme amounts of pain but you must absorb all of the energy, don't let it escape your body."
"All right, I'm ready!" Midrai flew up and cupped his hands together. "KAAA-MEEE-HAAA-MEEE-HAAAA!" He shot off a large green Kamehameha towards Yamcha shaking the ground like an earthquake. Yamcha braced himself standing up straight and took the attack head on.
"Gyahh!" Yamcha’s body took on several gashes from this attack as he tried his best to take it in. The energy from the wave swirled around Yamcha and entered his wounds. Yamcha's body shot with pain as he screamed. He put all of his might to restrain the blast from leaving his body. "D-darn it! GAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Yamcha fell to his knees and his palms hit the ground. He huffed as sweat rolled down his face and arms. "I-it's over.”
"That's right," replied Midrai. "You did well." Yamcha fell back into a seated position and wiped the sweat off his forehead and face looking over at Midrai.
"Tell me, why was your Kamehameha green? Was it the same as a normal Kamehameha?"
"No, not quite. It was much more powerful than a normal Kamehameha, to keep things simple we'll call it the Green Kamehameha. You now too will be able to use this power. Now how about we test that power of yours?"
"Test it, on what?"
"Well, I can produce mirages with my powers. We'll choose three enemies from the past. Frieza, Cell, and Buu."
"Very well, I'm ready!"
Chapter 3: Ghosts of the Past
"The first one you must face is Frieza," Midrai announced. "Are you ready?"
"Yes," Yamcha replied. Frieza appeared before Yamcha in his Final Form at 100%. Yamcha flew towards Frieza swinging for his face. Frieza dodged his attack and slammed his fist into Yamcha's gut. "What?!" Yamcha almost laughed as he realized that he couldn't even feel any pain from such a heavy hit. He grabbed hold of Frieza's arm with both of his hands and began swinging Frieza around with his Dragon Throw. "Taaake this!!!" Yamcha threw Frieza up into the air and he launched his next attack. "KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA!!!!!!" With one blue Kamehameha Yamcha destroyed Frieza into nothing but ashes. "Incredible!" Yamcha was in awe of his new power. "To think I've come this far in such a short amount of time."
"Yes, you did well indeed," Midrai replied.
"But why wasn't my Kamehameha green? You said I would be able to do it."
"Yes, I did. But there's more to it than just charging a regular Kamehameha. Finish your next opponent and then I will teach you how to master it."
"Very well."
"Your next opponent is Cell." Cell in his Super Perfect Form had appeared before Yamcha now smirking. Cell swiped his left hand slamming Yamcha backwards into the ground  with his Gravity Impact attack.
"Ha, you truly are a pathetic fighter," Cell laughed.
"Y-you can talk?!" Yamcha asked pushing himself back up.
"Of course you fool," Cell replied. "Come at me!”
"Oh, I will! Wolf!" Yamcha charged towards Cell beginning his Wolf Fang Fist attack. "FANG FIST!" Yamcha's fierce attacks were too much for Cell as they slammed into his skin. "HYAHH!" Yamcha's final blow knocked Cell's head clean off of his body killing him. "So now for the hardest one," Yamcha said placing his hands down at his side and taking in a deep breath. "Majin Buu."
"For this one I want you to try and use the Green Kamehameha," said Midrai. "The Kamehameha is an attack that draws out your latent power and unleashes it all at once. For you and the others who have used it for years it has become a muscle memory attack. You don't need to feel out your energy, you can release it much faster. But for the Green Kamehameha you need to think about all of your latent energy and everything passed that. You must go beyond your limits! Give it a go as Majin Buu makes his assault on you." Midrai snapped his fingers and the true version of Majin Buu appeared before Yamcha.
"Here we go," Yamcha said cupping his hands together for the Green Kamehameha. "KAAAA-MEEEE-HAAAA-MEEEE!"
"GYAHH," yelled Kid Buu launching himself towards Yamcha.
"Beyond my limits, beyond my limits," Yamcha repeated in his mind. "HAAAAAAAA!" Yamcha launched his hands forward releasing his first static Green Kamehameha swallowing Majin Buu whole, he was defeated.
"Well done," yelled Midrai as the lights from the attack faded. Yamcha fell to his knees slamming his palms to the ground laughing.
"That power," he laughed. "I can't believe that this is my power. I can finally be useful again!"
"That's right, Yamcha," Midrai said flying down to Yamcha's side. "Next you will learn the power of a Super Human!"
Chapter 4: Super Human Yamcha
"What was that power?!" Goku asked sitting up from the table. He was at his home with his wife Chi Chi and his son Goten. Usually Goku would be training on Beerus's planet but for some reason Whis wasn't there to train him, so he was stuck at home with his nagging wife.
"Daddy, it felt familiar," replied Goten.
"Yeah you're right. But . . . I can't remember where I've sensed it before. I'll go check it out!"
"No you won't Goku," yelled Chi Chi. "You'll sit down and eat with your family!"
"But that power was even stronger than me when I'm not transformed."
"Well I said no! If you go, then you are done training with Whis!"
"O-kay," Goku complained slumping down into his seat.
"Hey dad," said Goten. "Did you ever figure out where Yamcha went? Puar was worried sick about him, I don't even know where Puar went after the tournament."
"Huh, Yamcha?" Goku asked. "That's it!"
"Huh, what do you mean?"
"Yamcha, that's the energy I sensed. He's gotten a massive power boost!"
"Too bad you can't fight him," said Chi Chi. The three of them silently finished their meals and Chi Chi stood up. "Listen Goku, next time you see Yamcha you can fight him. But you can't seek him out, he has to find you."
"I don't understand," said Yamcha. "How can I become this Super Human?"
"Thanks to your new powers," Midrai replied. "The power is similar to that of a Super Saiyan but stronger. You will be able to attain it through the same effect. Through rage, the easiest way is through the pain of loss."
"I have nothing to lose. So I need to do something else to attain this power."
"You underestimate yourself." Midrai walked behind a giant rock and came out gripping Puar by the throat.
"PUAR! Let him go! I understand what you're trying to do! Just let me try and attain the power without you hurting him!"
"There's no other way, Yamcha. I'm sorry."
"NOOO, STOOOPPPPP! KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAA!!!!" Yamcha flared his Green Kamehameha towards Midrai, but Midrai just casually dodged out of the way.
"Say goodbye to Puar!"
"Y-yamcha," cried Puar.
"PUAR!" Midrai flashed a ki blast from his hand burning Puar into ashes. "Urk! Puar . . . nnnghh, NYAHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" With tears and rage Yamcha's energy rose and his muscles pumped up. Lightning flashed through the sky striking the Earth around him. Yamcha's hair turned silver and a silver aura flew around him. Green lightning flashed around Yamcha as he maintained his new form. The Super Human. Yamcha flared his blue eyes over at Midrai. "I'm going to kill you for what you've done!!!"
Chapter 5: Super Human Green
"Oh crap," exclaimed Goku shooting up out of bed. "That power of Yamcha's! It's increased over 1,000 times!" He looked over down towards Chi Chi hoping he didn't wake her up. "Phew." "Maybe I could just slip out of here?"
"Get back to bed Goku," Chi Chi muttered.
"I'm going to kill you for what you've done," Yamcha yelled at Midrai. "Puar shall be avenged!!!"
"Control your anger Yamcha," said Midrai. "It was merely an illusion. Your Puar is just fine."
"What? Why should I believe you?!!?"
"Believe what you want to believe, but I'm telling you that Puar is still alive. It was an illusion just like Frieza, Cell, and Buu were." Yamcha calmed down a bit and stared down at the ground.
"Only an illusion?" He looked back up at Midrai. "Is my power as far as it needs to be?"
"No, not quite. There is one more level you can reach. You will mix the power of a Super Human god with that of a Super Human. We'll call it Super Human Green."
"How do I reach that kind of power?"
"You will need to harness god ki, I shall also enter your body to make you even stronger. We will begin your training immediately; it should only take a few days for you to master the Super Human Green form."
"Let's begin then!"
Morning broke and Vegeta was inside his gravity room training.
"I don't know what kind of power that Yamcha learned, but I won't let him surpass me!" Suddenly Goku transported in front of Vegeta smiling.
"Hey, Vegeta!"
"What the heck do you want, Kakarot?"
"Did you sense Yamcha's power?! Incredible right?!"
"A little too incredible for an Earthling. I don't like it, there's no way that weakling could have attained that much power in such a short amount of time."
"Maybe Yamcha was secretly training for years."
"I doubt that; I never saw him fighting Frieza's soldiers nor did I see him try to fight Beerus."
"But we both sense him, he's definitely stronger now. It doesn't matter what kind of power he used to have, because now he could be even stronger than us."
"You've got to be kidding me, Kakarot? He's powerful, but not that powerful."
"Well, we'll just have to wait and see. I'm going to fight him as soon as he's done training!"
"Do what you will, it'll save me the trouble of having to put him in his place."
"Oh boy! I can't wait!"
"Now get out of here, I'm trying to train!"
"Fine, you big jerk." Goku then transported away leaving Vegeta by himself.
"I'll destroy you, Earthling," Vegeta said.
Chapter 6: Yamcha vs Vegeta
"So it seems I am ready," said Yamcha clenching his fists smirking with pleasure from his new found power. "I definitely will be able to bring Vegeta and Goku to their knees. Heh, they won't know what hit them! Who should I take out first? . . . Vegeta. I'll save Goku for last." Yamcha closed his eyes feeling out Vegeta's energy. "There he is." Yamcha transported to Vegeta's location using Instant Transmission, which he had learned from Midrai. Yamcha appeared in front of Vegeta who was vigorously training in his Gravity Room.
"What, Yamcha?!" asked Vegeta, who stopped training and flew to the ground. As he did the gravity lifted back too normal in the room. "So, are you here to fight me?"
"That's right, Vegeta," Yamcha replied. "I'm here to send you into oblivion. Put your hand on my shoulder and we'll fight somewhere else."
"Very well." Vegeta placed his hand on Yamcha's shoulder and they both transported off to a green cratered planet. "Wait, how did you use that without sensing ki?!"
"I am not limited in my travel," Yamcha replied. "I have mastered various techniques that you will never learn."
"Where are we?"
"A planet called Planet Grunder. A race called the Green Thunder used to live here, they were all wiped out by Beerus the Destroyer. Oddly he didn't destroy the planet, just their race."
"I see . . . so tell me, who are you?"
"I am still Yamcha. Well I suppose you can now call me the Super Human Yamcha."
"Super Human? Well I can tell you right now it won't stand up to a Super Saiyan!" Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan and charged towards Yamcha.
"Haha, we'll see then!" Yamcha transformed into a Super Human and took Vegeta's attack head on. Vegeta's fist slammed into Yamcha's cross guard arms. "Is that all you got!" Yamcha swiped his arms open breaking Vegeta's attack. Yamcha then began punching Vegeta in the chest consecutively. "WOLF FANG FIST!" Yamcha pounded Vegeta away with ease laughing. "Your power truly is pathetic, Vegeta," laughed Yamcha.
"Then I'll show you all of it," yelled Vegeta transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue. "Let's see how you handle a god!"
"Let's see how you handle one!” Yamcha's silver hair changed into green and his aura changed into more of a watery green flame.
"W-what is this?!" Vegeta stuttered.
"This is Super Human Green!" The two warriors launched themselves towards each other with their fists exploding into each other. Yamcha flipped his fist into a palm grabbing Vegeta's fist, he then grabbed Vegeta's arm with his other hand and threw Vegeta away. Vegeta slipped himself upwards and skidded to a halt as he went back.
"YOU THINK YOU'RE SO TOUGH?!!? THEN TRY THIS! FINAL!" Vegeta zipped his arms back charging blue energy.
"Very well, let's do this. KAAA-MEEE-HAAA-MEEE!!!"
“HYAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" The two beams bolted into each other and they struggled for victory.
"I-I won't be outdone by a mere Earthling!”
"Heh, heh!” Yamcha shot off a beam from his eyes striking Vegeta in the face. "Now take this Vegeta! HYAAAHHH!!!" With Yamcha's distraction he was able to give off his final blow taking Vegeta down. As the lights went out Yamcha reverted to his base form and ate a senzu bean that he had brought with him and walked over to Vegeta's body. "It's time to end this. I won't let any potential god of Destruction live." Yamcha raised his left hand and a green blast glowed from it that had enough power to finish Vegeta off. "Say goodbye!" But right before Yamcha shot off his attack a foot slammed into Yamcha's face knocking him away and sending his attack up into the air. It was Goku. Yamcha looked up from the ground as he saw Goku giving Vegeta a senzu bean and transporting away then back again. "Goku. It's your turn to suffer defeat.”
“Yamcha, what happened to you? This isn't like you."
"Enough talk, Goku! You must now die!"
"I'm going to bring you to your senses, just you wait!"
Chapter 7: Yamcha vs Goku
"Tell me why you are really doing this Yamcha?" Goku asked.
"I must kill all 12 of the gods of Destructions," Yamcha replied. "And all of those who have the potential of becoming a god of Destruction."
"Why, why do you care about that?"
"Because my race was wiped out by the gods of Destruction in all of the universes. They were scared of our powers."
"What are you talking about?"
"I am not quite, Yamcha. I am Midrai, of the Green Thunder race. I am using Yamcha as my host. I built his power to extreme heights and then I took him over. His power will destroy all of you!"
"I won't let you use my friend for that kind of destruction! Goku burst into a Super Saiyan and flew towards Yamcha. "I'll beat you out of him!" Goku slammed his fist into Yamcha's face and then kicked him in the gut. He then swung his left leg for a kick to the face but Yamcha grabbed his leg with his right hand and squeezed turning into a Super Human. "Ugh that power," exclaimed Goku as Yamcha slammed his fist into Goku's face cratering him into the ground.
"It's useless," laughed Yamcha. "My Super Human is far stronger than your Super Saiyan."
"Then I guess I'll just have to increase my power!" Goku revved up to Super Saiyan Red and flew towards Yamcha with a burning fist. Yamcha easily dodged his attack and grabbed his wrist throwing him onto the ground.
"This is getting us nowhere fast," Yamcha said. "Let's use our full powers and end this!"
"Very well," said Goku standing up. "But you asked for it." Goku burst into a Super Saiyan Blue and Yamcha burst into a Super Human Green.
"Time for the final round!” The two ran at each other and continued their fierce fight. They both fought on hard pushing each other back and forth. Yamcha kicked Goku back with both feet backwards. After Yamcha landed, he gripped his wrist charging his attack. "Nngghh-ah! Sprit Ball, go!" Yamcha threw his Spirit Ball at Goku directing its attacks. Goku flew away from the attack and Yamcha's Spirit Ball continued to chase him like a missile. Goku zoomed in every direction he could think of but it just stayed on his trail.
"Wait, I know," Goku said. Goku used Instant Transmission to appear in front of Yamcha. "Heh, looks like your little attack got lost!"
"Heh." Yamcha flung his two fingers upwards sending his Spirit Ball up from the ground slamming it into the Goku's chin knocking him up in the air. Yamcha then began charging his Green Kamehameha to finish Goku off. "KAAA-MEEE-HAAA-MEEE-HAAAA!!!!" Yamcha's attack blasted Goku away shaking the planet. Goku had then suddenly appeared behind Yamcha and kicked him to the ground. "Darn it," yelled Yamcha jumping back up. "I should have known that you wouldn't be beaten that easily."
"Of course not, I have a friend to save."
Chapter 8: Ultimate Kamehameha?
"Tell me, is there any way I can get Yamcha to get his body back?" asked Goku.
"The only way is for you to knock me unconscious," said Yamcha. "But with the way you've been fighting, I'd say that is clearly impossible."
"I have one attack that can defeat you," said Goku. "The Ultimate Kamehameha wave, it'll kill you and Yamcha but I can at least restore him with the Dragon Balls."
"You don't have it in you, besides you won't be able to get an edge on me in the battle to be even be able to use it. It's hopeless, Goku."
"Not quite! I have one final hope, one last move of desperation!"
"Oh please, you have nothing left ,Goku. Don't forget I'm also Yamcha, I've seen every single technique you've thrown out there. You've got nothing!"
"Heh, that's where you're wrong! Nnghh! Kaioken!”
"Nngghhh!!! Times Ten!!!!"
"Times what?!!?" Goku undetected appeared in front of Yamcha and slammed his fist into Yamcha's face. "Agh!" Goku then continued on his assault punching and kicking Yamcha over and over again. He slammed his fist into Yamcha's gut as hard as he could making Yamcha vomit out blood then he slammed Yamcha backwards with a kick. "Urk! I can't go on like this!”
"Now for the Ultimate Kamehameha," yelled Goku. "KAAAA-MEEEE-HAAAA-MEEEE!!!!!"
"I have no choice, I have to ditch this body!"
"SEPERATE!" Yamcha's body fell to the ground as Midrai in his lightning form flew out of Yamcha's body. Midrai had saved himself just in time . . . or so he thought. Midrai took on Yamcha's form and looked over and saw that Goku's Kamehameha was merely a bluff. Goku transported over to Yamcha and Midrai and punched Midrai away. Goku then gave Yamcha a senzu bean restoring him to full health.
"Ugh, Goku?"
"That's right Yamcha, I'm here." Yamcha stood up and the two of them towered over Midrai. Midrai stood up and faced the two of them.
"Even if I'm not in Yamcha's body I can still destroy both of you." Goku's Kaioken x10 had worn off but he was still able to maintain his Super Saiyan Blue form.
"Yamcha, let's finish him off with a Kamehameha together," Goku said.
"Right," Yamcha replied. Yamcha transformed into a Super Human Green and slammed his fist into Midrai's chest and slamming him down. Goku and Yamcha then zoomed up and they both charged their attacks. "KAAAA-MEEEE-HAAAA-MEEEE-HYYAAAAA!!!!! The green and blue Kamehamehas converged into one attack slamming into Midrai and destroying the planet.
Quickly the two warriors transported to a grassy plain area and they both fell to the ground in their base forms.
"It's over," said Goku.
"Heh, yeah," Yamcha replied. "I'm sorry for all of the trouble I caused. He tricked me."
"It's all right Yamcha, it wasn't your fault. It seems you were able to keep most of that power. Let's fight again someday!"
"Heh, yeah! But I'll win next time!"
"Heheh, we'll see about that Yamcha!"
"Yeah, we sure will Goku!"
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Dragon Ball Super: The Super Human (Newly Revised Version)
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