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 Dragon Ball Super: Preparation for the Tournament of Power

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Dragon Ball Super: Preparation for the Tournament of Power Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Ball Super: Preparation for the Tournament of Power   Dragon Ball Super: Preparation for the Tournament of Power Icon_minitimeSat Jul 15, 2017 7:25 pm

Chapter 1: The Tournament of Power?!
            One week had passed since Goku and his friends defeated the immortal Zamasu. Today a new announcement would come their way. One that would put everyone’s lives at risk.
            “Goku, Vegeta stop training for a moment,” Whis said as the two were flying at him. Once he said that, they flew down to the ground waiting for what Whis had to say next. “Goku it seems that Zen’Oh wishes to have an audience with you right now.”
            “Hmm, tell him later,” Goku replied. “I’m busy.”
            “Uh, Goku. I wouldn’t do that.”
            “Goku,” yelled Beerus running towards them. “You’re going to get your butt over there now!!!”
            “Sheesh, you don’t need to yell,” Goku replied. “All right, let’s go, Whis.”
            “We’ll need to stop by and grab the Supreme Kai first,” Whis said. He then placed his hand on Goku’s shoulder awaiting Instant Transmission.
            “Vegeta and I will wait there as well,” said Beerus placing his hand on Goku’s back and Vegeta as well. After transporting to the Supreme Kai’s Planet they explained what was going on to him. After hearing this Goku, Whis, and the Supreme Kai went to Zen’Oh’s palace.
            “Yo Goku,” said Present and Future Zen’Ohs.
            “What’s up Allie and Future Allie?!” Goku said excitingly. “Tell me, are you here to talk about the tournament?!”
            “Yes,” they replied, then they turned their attention to the Grand Priest.
            “Ah, yes,” the Grand Priest began. “Let’s see, by Earth’s time the Tournament of Power shall begin one week from today. We will be speaking to each god in every Universe, however Zen’Oh wanted to have us tell you in person. Each team from the participating universes will have 10 members each. The rules are simple; no killing is allowed, no flying unless you have wings or other body functions that enable you to fly, no added weapons or any outside materials that can help raise your chances of victory in a fight, and to keep things fair every fighter will feel the gravity of their birth planet. The only way to lose is if you get knocked off of the ring. You have 48 minutes to fight and when time runs out the team with the most fighters win. The universes that will be competing are Unvierses 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. These are the universes with the lowest mortality rate. The losers will be erased by Lord Zen’Oh.”
            “Eh-erased?!” Goku asked alarmed.
            “Yes, Lord Zen’Oh has decided that there are too many worthless universes. So he’s decided to destroy those with the lowest mortality rate, however he is intrigued by fights. So, if your universe wins he will spare you. The winner will also receive the Super Dragon Balls to wish for whatever they desire.”
            “What about the gods? Are they spared?”
            “No, there are no exceptions, except for the angels like, Whis.”
            “Goku, do your best!” Present Zen’Oh said.
            “Right,” Goku exclaimed. “I will!” Shortly after that were dismissed and went back to the Supreme Kai’s Planet. “I’m so sorry everyone. I didn’t think it’d be like this . . .”
Chapter 2: Who will fight in the Tournament of Power?
            “All right, Goku,” said Beerus. “Who are you going to have fight in this tournament?”
            “Hmm, let’s see. Well the first person that comes to mind is Monaka. He should definitely be fighting!”
            “No! Monaka is, he’s sick.”
            “Aww, well hmm. Let’s see there’s me, Vegeta . . . hey where’s Vegeta?!”
            “Uh, he had to go home,” said Kibito. “I took him back, his wife is having a baby.”
            “What?! Really?!”
            “There’s no time for that, Goku! You have one week!”
            “All right, all right . . . so that’s two people. Okay, there’s also Gohan and Piccolo. Then I can’t forget about Yamcha either. Krillin and Tien, which makes me think of #18. I can’t think of anyone else at the moment.”
            “Focus on getting the ones you mentioned! Maybe they will give you advice on who to recruit.”
            “Hmm, yeah I guess you’re right. Let’s all meet up at Kami’s Lookout tomorrow!”
            “Kami’s Lookout? Is that the place your guardian dwells?”
Chapter 2: Red-Eyed Namekian
            “So that’s how it is?” Piccolo asked Goku after Goku had explained the Tournament of Power and what would happen if their universe lost. “Well, it seems we must join the tournament. Gohan, are you in?”
            “Of course! This is just the sort of thing I’ve been training for.” Gohan said. “Listen dad, I think you should include Goten and Trunks in this tournament.”
            “Huh, Goten and Trunks?” Goku asked. “What for?”
            “Well, they’re extremely powerful. Goten and Trunks have been getting together lately and training, if I didn’t have the power I had thanks to Old Kai they would have far surpassed me. They don’t even rely on fusion anymore.”
            “I see, that does bring us to 10 fighters.”
            “Who are the others?”
            “Well, you’re the first two I’ve talked to. But everyone I wanted was me, Vegeta, you two, Yamcha, Krillin, #18, and Tien. Now Goten and Trunks.”
            “That sounds like a great team!”
            “Yeah! We’re all going to meet at Kami’s Lookout tomorrow.”
            “Wait, Goku,” said Piccolo. “I need your help with something.”
            “Uh, sure. What’s up?”
            “I need to head to Planet Namek. There’s something I need to ask the Grand Elder.”
            “Well, let’s get going then.” Piccolo and Gohan placed their hands on Goku’s shoulder and the three of them transported to Planet Namek.
            “Grand Elder,” Piccolo began. “I need to know, is there a way a Namek can reach a power far beyond their current one?”
            “There is one thing I know. It’s a legend, called the Red-Eyed Namekian. It’s a transformation that Nameks can perform.”
            “How did I not know about that? I do have Nail’s memories.”
            “It’s knowledge that I gained when I became the Grand Elder. In order to reach this power one Namek must have fused with three others.”
            “I see . . . then, I must ask you. Is there any Namek that will be willing to fuse with me? All our lives depend on it.”
            “There is one warrior that comes to mind. His name is Bone, he’s almost as strong as Frieza was.”
            “Very good.” The Grand Elder then closed his eyes for a few seconds and then opened them. Shortly afterwards a tall Namek came walking in.
            “Yes,” he said. “I would be willing to fuse with you, Piccolo.”
            “You must be, Bone,” Piccolo said. “I thank you in advanced.” Bone walked up to Piccolo and Piccolo placed his hand on Bone’s chest. Instantly Bone merged into Piccolo. “This power . . . incredible.”
            “Wow!” Goku said. “You’re power, it’s awesome! Let’s see it all!”
            “Right. Ahhhh . . . Graghhhhh!!!!!” A red aura flashed around Piccolo and his black eyes flashed red. Piccolo had reached a new power. The power of the Red-Eyed Namekian.
Chapter 3: Fighters Gathered
            “What do you mean you won’t fight, Krillin?” Goku asked Krillin. #18 had agreed to fight, but only if she could receive 10 million zeni after the tournament, which Goku reluctantly agreed to.
            “Goku, I’m too old and out of shape. I would just slow everyone down, please. I just can’t, I’ve thought about opening a Turtle Style Martial Arts School though. Because I’m old I figured I might as well pass on what I’ve learned to others so that they can keep peace on earth.”
            “Well, that’s great, but . . . we need you.”
            “Listen,” #18 said. “There is still someone else you can recruit.”
            “What?! Who?!”
            “My brother, #17. He’s a park ranger on an island east of Roshi’s house. If you fly east of his house you won’t miss it.”
            “#17 . . . wow thanks! Hopefully he’ll join. All right, see you guys!” Goku then transported to Roshi’s ki on his island.
            “Huh, Goku?” Roshi said.
            “Oh, hey Master! Sorry, don’t have time to talk!” Goku quickly left heading east and found the island. Huh, what’s that noise? Goku began flying towards loud gunshots that came from below. Goku landed on the ground and saw #17 dodging bullets from poachers. With one wave of his hand #17 sent a shockwave sending the poachers straight off the island into the ocean. #17 turned around facing Goku.
            “You,” he said. “Are you?”
            “Yeah, I’m Goku! It’s nice to meet you finally, #17.” Goku then explained to #17 why he was here and asked #17 if he would join in the tournament. #17 disagreed at first then changed his mind once Goku told him that he would have Master Roshi come over and watch the island for him. “Thanks, #17. We’ll be meeting on top of Kami’s Lookout tomorrow. But, you probably don’t know what that is or where it's at.”
            “That’s not a problem. I’ll meet up with #18 and head up there.”
            “All right, sounds good!”
            “So your own school, huh?” Goku was now visiting Yamcha who had opened up a Martial Arts School of his own style mixed with everything he’s learned, Wolf Style. The signature move was Wolf Fang Fist. Yamcha still wore orange gi like always, but this time the symbol read “Wolf.” Yamcha had of course agreed to participate in the tournament.
            “Yeah, heh. I thought about giving my students the same gi as mine, but you know orange and blue was Master’s thing. So I decided to give my school new colors, red and black.”
            “That’s awesome! Yeah, Krillin is about to open up a school as well . . . but Krillin won’t be in the tournament.”
            “Oh . . . what about Tien?”
            “I’m going to talk to him next. Oh and we’ll be meeting at Kami’s Lookout tomorrow!”
            “All right, see you then, Goku.”
            “Sure, Goku. I’ll fight in this tournament,” Tien said. “It’s awesome to hear that Yamcha and Krillin are doing the same thing with their own schools. It’s time to start passing things on to new students. This will be my final battle, Goku. I’ll meet you at Kami’s Lookout.”
            “Are you serious, dad?!” Goten asked. Goku was at Capsule Corp. now recruiting both Goten and Trunks. It seemed that the two of them had just got done training in the gravity room.
            “Yeah, you two should thank Gohan. It was his idea for you guys to fight in the tournament and I can sense you two have gotten a lot stronger. We’ll be meeting at Kami’s Lookout tomorrow. Let’s go get Vegeta and we’ll all head there together.”
Chapter 4: Enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
            “All right, so we have six days left and ten people,” Goku said. “If a pair of us go in once a day that’ll take up five days. So, this is how we’ll split the groups up; Vegeta and Trunks, Piccolo and Gohan, Yamcha and Tien, #18 and #17, and finally Goten and I will go in.”
            “Hmm, why not me and Goten?” Trunks asked.
            “Because I don’t want to live a year with, Kakarot,” Vegeta said. “Besides if you want to fight in this tournament then you need to become more powerful!”
            “All right you two first then,” said Goku.
            “Right,” Vegeta and Trunks said leaving everyone and heading to the chamber.
            One year passed for Vegeta and Trunks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and they became more powerful than ever before. Trunks surprised everyone with his appearance as he looked more like Future Trunks now. His hair however had remained short due to Vegeta cutting it (who knew he could do that). Trunks as well had learned to harness god ki and is now able to perform Super Saiyan Red and Blue.
            Piccolo and Gohan trained next and their powers as well grew. Gohan in his Ultimate form and Piccolo in his Red-Eyed Namekian form were now completely equal.
            Yamcha and Tien trained fiercely next and Yamcha did his best to teach Tien how to use the Super Human form, however it was not possible as they soon discovered. Even so, training with such a powerful warrior Tien was able to reach an extremely high level.
            #17 and #18 were impossible to read for the others, but they said their powers had more than tripled from what they were years ago.
            Goku and Goten exited the chamber last and Goten’s appearance was the most shocking. It seemed he looked more like his own individual now and he commented that he had his dad give him a new hairstyle so everyone wouldn’t be confusing the two of them. Goten looked older now and stronger, he as well had learned Super Saiyan Red and Blue. The ten fighter’s powers were higher than they have ever been and they would show all of the universes’ their might.

Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, #17, #18, Trunks, and Goten . . . these fighters are the hope of Universe 7.
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Dragon Ball Super: Preparation for the Tournament of Power
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