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 Dragon Ball Super: The Tournament of Power

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Super: The Tournament of Power   Dragon Ball Super: The Tournament of Power Icon_minitimeSun Jul 16, 2017 12:00 am

Chapter 1: The Tournament of Power Begins! Who will be number 1?!
            Team Universe 7 had arrived to the battle arena where they would battle in the battle royal named, "The Tournament of Power." 80 fighters from, 8 different universes were about to go to head to head in an all out clash. The universes who lose will be erased. 7 universes will be erased and only 1 will remain, but which universe will it be? Could it be our heroes of Universe 7 or is this their final battle?

            "Welcome to the Tournament of Power," the Grand Priest yelled floating above all of the fighters, gods, and angels. "It is your job that you know the rules, so I will not repeat them . . . all I'll say is that you have 48 minutes to fight and the universe with most members of their team left will remain untouched by Lord Zen'Oh. Angels, gods, I ask you to leave your fighters in the ring." All of the angels and gods flew back into stands as the Grand Priest told them to. "Now, fighters . . . get ready . . . begin!" This was it, the Tournament of Power had begun.
            "Well, here goes," Goku shouted charging into the battle zone as the rest of the fighters from the other universes did.
            "Wait, father," exclaimed Gohan.
            "You forgot to mention the plan to him and Goten," said Piccolo.
            "Oh no, you're right."
            "Bah," Vegeta said. "There's no time for those sorts of tactics. I'm better off fighting on my own." Vegeta then as well ran off leaving his teammates behind.
            "I can't say I'm surprised by that," Piccolo said. #17 and #18 then walked off as well leaving the others alone.
            "Listen, Gohan," said Yamcha. "We're all strong enough to fight on our own. Sorry, but I'm heading in there."
            "No, Yamcha," said Tien. Yamcha flew off into battle and then Goten and Trunks as well. "Well, Gohan. The plan is shot. We all might as well head out there." Tien dashed off, Piccolo and Gohan followed as well.
            "Oh, wow," Goku exclaimed. "There's so much fighting going on that I don't know who to fight first!" Enemies were flying left and right at Goku. Every opponent that came at Goku he brushed aside. So far there wasn't anyone that stood a chance against Goku's power. Because of this Goku didn't even waste his time fighting them. Suddenly a gray wolf with a red scarf around his neck standing tall stopped in front of Goku. "This guy reminds me of Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist."
            "You're Goku," he said. "The name is, Bergamo. You will be my first victim."
            "Heh, we'll see about that, Bergamo. Let's see exactly what you're made of." Goku put himself into an attack stance and prepared himself for battle.

Chapter 2: Universe Erased?
             Goku launched himself forward at his opponent, Bergamo and instantly began pounding him backwards. Meanwhile two more wolves similar to Bergamo, but different in color stepped in front of Gohan and Piccolo. They were Basil and Lavender of Universe 9.
            "These guys, I can't sense any ki from them," said Gohan.
            "You're right," Piccolo replied. "We'll need to be careful." Piccolo and Gohan ran towards their opponents and began their battle. Together Piccolo and Gohan slammed their fists forward creating a shockwave that knocked both Basil and Lavender back. The two wolves ran back at them, Lavender throwing his fists and Basil kicking. Easily Piccolo and Gohan predicted all of their moves. Simultaneously the master and student slammed their fists into the dog's chests and kicked them backwards outside of the ring.
            "What?!" the Supreme Kai of Universe 9 yelled. "The Trio de Dangers were our only hope! Bergamo you can't lose!" Meanwhile the rest of Team Universe 9 had been pounded out of the ring by Vegeta and the others. It was just Goku vs Bergamo. Goku had the edge at the beginning of the battle, but somehow Bergamo was able to keep up with Goku every step of the way.
            "Haven't you figured it out yet?" Bergamo asked Goku.
            "Figured what out?"
            "Heh, I've been absorbing your attacks and turning them into my own. I've been taking on your physical attacks to grow stronger."
            "Physical? . . . Hyahh!" Goku burst into a Super Saiyan and cupped his hands together.
            "It doesn't matter how much your power increases! I will just grow that much stronger!"
            "Is that a fact? KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA!!!" Goku slammed his Kamehameha wave forward knocking Bergamo out of the ring. "You can absorb physical attacks, but not energy attacks. Sorry, but I win this one."
            "Universe 9 has been wiped out," the Grand Priest said.
            "Then it's time," Zen'Oh and Future Zen'Oh said. Stopping the fighting, all of the fighters watched as team Universe 9 slowly disappeared, all except for the angel.
            "Is it really gone, Whis?" Beerus asked Whis. Whis looked into his staff pearing into Universe 9.
            "It's just empty space now," Whis replied.

Chapter 3: Justice Strikes
            From the beginning of the tournament, one team had remained completely stationary. That team was Team Universe 11. In their red and black garb they watched as the other fighters fought.

            "Hey, Vegeta," Goku said after he kicked Nink from Universe 4 off of the ring.
            "What?" Vegeta asked.
            "Do you feel those guys powers over there?" Goku pointed over to where Team Universe 11 stood. "There's crazy power bursting out of them. Especially those three." Goku was referring to Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo.
            "It's time," Toppo said. Instantly Team Universe 11 dashed from their positions and began their rapid assault. Fighters fell left and right to them Lilibeu from Universe 10, Jium from Universe 10, Shosa from Universe 4, Majora from Universe 4, Murisam from Universe 10, Nigrisshi from Universe 3, Narirama from Universe 3, Napapa from Universe 3, Jimizu from Universe 2, and Methiop form Universe 10.
            "Incredible," Goku said. "They're on a roll!"
            "Don't sound so impressed, Kakarot!" Vegeta dashed towards the proclaimers of justice and slammed his fist into Vuon's jaw and kicked him out of the ring. "Pah, these fools are nothing." Goku quickly rushed to Vegeta's side and elbowed another Universe 11 member (green) out of the ring. Suddenly many fighters from multiple universes surrounded Goku and Vegeta.
            "Hey, Vegeta. We're surrounded," said Goku.
            "I can see that, Kakarot!" Suddenly all of the fighters were blown away from them, some knocked off the stage and some not. Three warriors now stood in the way of Goku and Vegeta. Cabba, Cale, and -. All saiyan warriors from Universe 6.
            "That's the saiyan Cabba," Goku said. "But who are the other two? Are they saiyans too?"
            "Yes," Cabba replied. "This is Cale and Meloky."
            "That's enough, Cabba," Cale said. "We came here to fight not to talk."
            "Vegeta," Goku said. "I'll take on the one in the black gi (Cale), his power is way higher than the other two."
            "Forget it, Kakarot. I want him."
            "Cabba, Meloky," said Cale. "Take care of these two immediately. I will take care of the rest of the fighters on their team."
            "Right," they replied. Cabba ran towards Vegeta and Meloky towards Goku. Cale had turned his gaze onto Universe 7's team.

Chapter 3: Saiyans
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Dragon Ball Super: The Tournament of Power
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