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 Goten Respect Thread

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PostSubject: Goten Respect Thread   Goten Respect Thread Icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2016 9:56 pm


Goten probably one of my most favorite characters in the Dragon Ball series. He seems to be the one main saiyan character that gets left out the most. Statements like in Dragon Ball GT that specifically say only Trunks and Gohan leaving only Goten out and other stuff like Dragon Ball Heroes giving all of the main saiyan characters Super Saiyan 2 transformations and/or higher while they have only given Goten normal Super Saiyan. The only person behind Dragon Ball that has given Goten the respect he deserves is Toriyama.


•Super Saiyan: He is officialy the youngest Super Saiyan to ever exist in the Dragon Ball Universe and did it while merely training with his mother. Trunks was a whole year older and probably transformed only a little bit before him and he was trained by Vegeta! Vegeta being Vegeta trains Trunks like crazy wanting him to be powerful. While Goten had training from Chi Chi and was only slightly weaker than Trunks even with being a whole year younger than Trunks.
•Fusion: He had to fuse with Trunks to gain even more amazing strength but they had gained power that took the rest of Z-Fighters years to use. Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3 had all come easily to the fused saiyans and had proved to be even stronger than Super Buu with it.
•Power: After the end of the Buu Saga Goten had trained for roughly around 10 years with Goku growing even more power. With events we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super we can see what kind of things Goku could have taught Goten. There’s no doubts that Goku taught Goten many techniques and that his strength had become one of the strongest Z-Fighters. Due to Trunks and Gohan not training it should be safe to assume that he is respectively the third strongest Z-Fighter.
•Potential: I think out of all of the saiyan characters in Dragon Ball Z Goten should have the greatest potential. At Goten’s young age he was far stronger than all of the others when he was at his age. At the beginning of Dragon Ball Goku is 11 years old and is around the power level of 10, when Gohan was 11 he defeated Cell and his power level is arguable but his base would be around 5,000,000, while we have Goten who at the age of 11 has a power level anywhere around 8,000,000. Even if you want to argue he’s much stronger than that there are no doubts that Goten at his age is much much stronger than any other saiyan has been at his age. He should have more potential than anyone in the series.


Throughout both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT Goten hasn’t had a whole lot of fights but he has always risen to the occasion to try his best.
•Goten vs Trunks: This is one of the greatest fights in Dragon Ball Z in my opinion and demonstrated that both of them were about on par with each other but with Trunks having a slight advantage of power over him. The crowd was in awe as they watched their fight and even the announcer was in shock as he has seen Goku’s past battles and everyone has seen Cell fight.
•Goten vs Baby: This may not be a canon fight but it is a fight that is truly worth mentioning. Goten stated that Baby was stronger than anyone they had ever faced before when he had sensed his ki, no Goten did not say it’s the greatest ki he had ever sensed he said that it’s the greatest power they have ever faced. There are no doubts that Baby was stronger than Super Buuhan. However, Goten took on the challenge with confidence knowing this and was easily beating him around. He did transform into a Super Saiyan against Baby but it was most likely not needed. Another thing Goten says to Baby after he comes out of Vegeta is that he calls him weak clearly knowing that he is superior to Baby.
•Baby Goten vs Gohan: Goten now being controlled Baby faces off against Gohan who most people agree is superior to Ultimate Gohan in his Base form. Super Saiyan Goten’s power was incredible enough that it was enough to destroy the Earth with ease and he had easily been taking Gohan down until Gohan had no choice but to turn into a Super Saiyan.

I definitely think Goten is a character that needs more recognition and is not some extra character to be a support. He has proved that he is indeed worthy to be called a saiyan and has gained more strength through the years than anyone else.
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PostSubject: Re: Goten Respect Thread   Goten Respect Thread Icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2016 8:45 pm

My nephew is awesome
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Goten Respect Thread
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